Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fabulous Rooftop Restaurants In Jaipur To Visit At

                                      Jaipur, the pink city has a deliberate trend of maintaining its traditional value in terms of caste and creed.It wont be flinchy to write that, this city is obviously among the richest one which attract a lots of tourist which clarify the demands of accommodations for immigrants and that is why most of the rooftop restaurants plays vital role in fulfilling the needs so exist where few of them are explained below:


The most visible insights in terms of outlook and all sorts of services, this Mediterranean restaurant is one of the romantic rooftop restaurants in Jaipur and is awesome enough to satisfy the people as it delivers different catalogs of authentic Italian food and cuisines covering a lovely and simple setting with linear infrastructure alongside air-conditioned accommodations.Slogan like freshness and cleanliness are executed here withdrawing many more reviews like offerings of pastas dishes and pizzas orderly.It has best catering services and parking area.
Location: Amber Tower , Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur
Landmark: Near Betwa River Bridge


This is the fabulous restaurants in Jaipur where you can significantly experience the best North Indian and Mughlai cuisines with an establishment of dashing fine dining has well air-conditioned and outdoor seating facilities plus home delivery and wifi availability types of services.The whereabouts of this restaurant is partitioned in a senstional environment as mentioned below:
Location: 5th floor, city pearl, MI road
Landmark: Khasa kothi

The most consistent restaurant in Jaipur which has maintained its trademark for the last 3 years is none other than Jaipur grill which offers classical North Indian cuisines with a sensational casual dining type of infrastructure.It serves non veg food and executes home delivery services too.Most often couple visits here to refresh their missing moments.

Location: Hotel Le Grand.Ahinsa circle, Ashok marg
Landmark: Hotel Le Grand


Serving a fine non veg food with an effective offerings of Chinese, North Indian and continental cuisines has been a motto for this restaurant and thus it lies among one of the elite rooftop and good restaurants in Jaipur. It has a perfect outdoor seating system and implements a home delivery system too. Infrastructure is of fine dining type of establishment.

Location: Govind marg, Raja park
Landmarg: Govind marg

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Best Casual Dining Restaurants in Jaipur Available Under Various Graded Hotels

Jaipur has always been identified as a best tourist site and a better platform for foodies just because this pink city has an awesome natural environment to feed people's cravings. People, not only visit here for snapping pics of museums and palaces, but also prefer to experience traditional food with a bit of high profile rituals in top and famous restaurants in Jaipur classified under different graded hotels as described below:

Clarks Groups of Hotel
                                     Having spotted with its amazing service and well known for its perfectly clean and comfortable room with a bit of an average room temperature the clarke group of hotels offers satisfaction to their customers by pursuing their best facilities and hospitality.It is situated in U.P hotels Limited,
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg with some of its restaurants are as:

  • Dhola Maru

    Famous for its romantic featured collection Dhola Maru has a fine dining type and do offers north Indian cuisines.It remains open from 6:30 a.m to 12 midnight.

  • Asthan

    It has fine dining establishment too and offers continental cuisines.It serves 24 hours of a day. 

  • Durbar

    It offers north Indian and chinese cuisines with casual dinig establishment type.The services are open till 10:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m.
Radisson Blu

                         Radisson Blu offers a fine stay along with its magnificent services like front desk, daily housekeeping, 24-hour security, free internet access room service, parking, 24-hour laundry, express laundry, concierge, etc. Guests can pamper out at outdoor pool and club lounge this is why it stands among good restaurants in Jaipur. For dining, people can relish with an Indian and continental cuisine at Market Place.The location of Radisson blu is: Plot No. 5 - 6, Airport Plaza, Tonk Road, Jaipur with some of its restaurants are as:

  • Color bar

    It is renowned for its beer bar services with a finger food cuisines.It also has a bar type establishment.

  • Market place

    It do serves continental cuisines with fine dining decorum and its serving hour stands from 6:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m.

  • West 56

    Having a bar establishment type and opening hours from 11:00 a.m o 11:00 p.m. It offers a continental cuisines significantly.

Le Meridien

                          Situated in the corner of Number 1, RIICO, kukas, jaipur, Le Meridien offers a fine casual dining environment with a terrific service and hospitality in terms of food. The outstanding restaurants here do serve multi-cuisines too.

  • Parki

    It has a casual dining type establishment which offers both Indian and continental cuisines and do serve from 11:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m.

  • Surva villas

    It has a bar type of establishment and do offers south Indian cuisine and sea food as well.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Sweet Dishes and Recipes of Business Class Restaurants in Royal Hotel Orchid of Jaipur

Enclosed in the heart of historical forts Jaipur has been worthy enough to attract people from different corners and restaurants existing here has a great part to enrich the economy of the country just because people want to entertain with Asian flavor that they have been listening to TV, Ads, etc back at their home. Some of the business class and famous restaurants in Jaipur which are partitioned in Hotel Orchid are listed along with their recipes:

Lamelight restaurant's recipes

Cheese cherry pine apple Rs.175

 Cashewnuts Rs.150

paneer cutlet Rs.160

grilled sandwich Rs.145

 Tiger trail restaurant's recipes

Subz seekh kabab Rs.325

chicken tikka Rs.230

 Salsa restaurant's recipes

Assorted nuts Rs.300

Nachos Rs.300

Saturday, 7 March 2015

List of Savor Menus and Recipes For Classy Zarin Restaurant in Jaipur-”The Top Restaurant of Fairmont Hotel”

                                Jaipur-Being the city of historical and traditional values, It not only exists with the palaces and museums, but also has better esteem in terms of dine-out places. One of the outstanding and famous restaurants in Jaipur is “Zarin Restaurants” and it is located at the safest corner of the Fairmont hotel in Jaipur which serves an Indo-persian food.
 Zarin restaurant has been rated among the top tier due to its better services and facilities in terms of food quality along with the cheapest price of all time.The menus and recipes of this sensational restaurant are listed below with the certainty of price tag:

  • Abdoogh khiar: Rs.150
  • Dizi:Rs.130
  • Adas polo:Rs.120
  • Bghali polo with chicken:Rs.150
  • Cake roll:Rs.120
  • Croissant:Rs.80
  • Enchiladas:Rs.200
  • Eggplant roll:Rs.120
  • Halva:Rs.100
  • Leek Fritteta:Rs.150

  • Lima beans:Rs.130
These are some highly demanded dish of this Indo-Parsian restaurants which we can experience from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm of the Fairmont hotel in Jaipur