Saturday, 7 March 2015

List of Savor Menus and Recipes For Classy Zarin Restaurant in Jaipur-”The Top Restaurant of Fairmont Hotel”

                                Jaipur-Being the city of historical and traditional values, It not only exists with the palaces and museums, but also has better esteem in terms of dine-out places. One of the outstanding and famous restaurants in Jaipur is “Zarin Restaurants” and it is located at the safest corner of the Fairmont hotel in Jaipur which serves an Indo-persian food.
 Zarin restaurant has been rated among the top tier due to its better services and facilities in terms of food quality along with the cheapest price of all time.The menus and recipes of this sensational restaurant are listed below with the certainty of price tag:

  • Abdoogh khiar: Rs.150
  • Dizi:Rs.130
  • Adas polo:Rs.120
  • Bghali polo with chicken:Rs.150
  • Cake roll:Rs.120
  • Croissant:Rs.80
  • Enchiladas:Rs.200
  • Eggplant roll:Rs.120
  • Halva:Rs.100
  • Leek Fritteta:Rs.150

  • Lima beans:Rs.130
These are some highly demanded dish of this Indo-Parsian restaurants which we can experience from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm of the Fairmont hotel in Jaipur

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